Would a humdifier help me with my dry nose and dry throat when I am sleeping?

If you are experiencing nasal congestion, discomfort or dryness in your nose or throat it would be a good idea to consider using a CPAP humidifier or heater humidifier. It is important that you sleep well. Experiencing a a dry mouth and throat can wake you up in the night and not allow you body to get the full REM sleep it needs.  When a dry throat continually wakes you up from yous sleep this can deter you from continuing with your sleep apnea treatment plan.

How can a CPAP humidifer help you?

A Resmed heated humidifier will add moisture and warmth into the air of your CPAP, bilevel or BiPAP machine. The humidifier can greatly reduce a dry mouth or dry throat and encourage breathing from your nose so that you can get the deep sleep you need.

What is the best CPAP humidifer for me to use?

CPAP Global has over 15 years experience helping Canadians pick the right sleep apnea products to help them sleep better. Our excellent customer support team is ready to answer all your questions regarding the right CPAP humidifier to suit your needs. Contact us to answer your questions.

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