A BiPAP machine or Bilevel ventilation is for treating severe sleep apnea or respiratory ventilation problems

If you are experiencing high CPAP pressure levels or other issues such a hypopnea (Shallow Breathing) and/or central sleep apneas there is a ventilation device that will meet your needs. Bilevel devices are sometimes called BiPAP (Phillips) or VPAP (Resmed). There are several types of units that are designed with specific purposes in-mind. We can help you chose the correct unit with your physicians approval. It consists of a high pressure (experienced on inspiration) and a low pressure (on expiration).

What is a BiPAP machine?

A BiPAP machine is used to help treat sleep apnea and used for more severe obstructive sleep apnea, especially if mixed apnea events are present. It is an alternative for you if you have a hard time breathing out against the pressure of the standard CPAP machine.

What is the difference between a BiPAP machine and CPAP machine?
  • A CPAP machine is set to a single pressure consistently through the night.  A ramp feature to the CPAP machine will help you gradually adapt to this consistent pressure.
  • Auto CPAP will start at a set pressure, these devices will automatically adjust the pressure up and down. For full details see manufacture detailed explanations.
  • BiPAP machine uses two pressure settings to maintain an open airway and help increase ventilation.  There are several models to choose from and should only be used on recommendation from a sleep specialist.
What is a BiLevel ventilation machine?

Bilevel ventilation devices deliver 2 pressure levels.  The base pressure is to prevent your airway from closing, the upper pressure is designed to help maintain your open airway and increase ventilation. Some units have sophisticated algorithms that learn your breathing pattern and will maintain that pattern when your body stops breathing thereby ensuring your sleep is not interrupted.

A BiPAP machine is a comfortable way to treat sleep apnea

We carry high quality BiPAP machines, Bilevel ventilation machines and VPAP machines at affordable prices from all the leading manufacturers.  If you are not sure which machine is right for you please contact us with your questions or concerns.

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