Prescription Items

CPAP, APAP, and Bi-Level machines do not require a prescription before it can be purchased but is highly recommended by CPAP Global. Terms of service for patients who decide to purchase a machine without a prescription understand that their purchased device will be left at factory settings and CPAP global is not held responsible for any results from usage. This means that the machine will not help with sleep apnea issues until proper levels are set by a medical physician or therapist.

Customers can submit their prescription to CPAP Global by mail, email, or fax. CPAP Global reserves the right to contact the referring physician or sleep lab to confirm the prescription prior to shipping out the order.

Warranty Information & Terms of Service

All the CPAP units and Humidifiers come with the standard Manufacturer warranty. CPAP Masks have a standard 90 Day Manufacturer warranty. In Canada, replacement warranties are provided for 3 years which may be different from other countries such as the United States. Please contact us first to report the problem and a RMA# will be issued to you for the return of the product

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