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CPAP Global’s mission is to provide sleep apnea treatment devices at an affordable price.

CPAP Global is a 100% Canadian operated business based in BC, Canada.
When you buy from us there are no customs involved, we ship in Canada

We are passionate about helping people with sleep issues at an affordable cost.  It is important to know that CPAP Global is one of only a few 100% Canadian operated sleep product companies. By ordering with us there is no hassle of dealing with customs, international shipping times, and currency rates.

Free shipping on most orders over $150 is available. We carry nothing but the latest and best CPAP machines, VPAP, Respironics devices, Resmed Airsense devices, masks, and supplies by the world leading sleep product manufacturers. We have extensive experience helping those with sleep apnea and providing the right equipment to those in need across Canada.

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